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A Guide to Choosing the Best Medical Billing Clearing House


A clearinghouse is a company that serves as a link between healthcare providers and insurance companies which are the claim payers. They are responsible for verifying the details of the claim before they are forwarded to the payer. Using a clearinghouse makes the process much faster because these clearinghouses have the relevant equipment needed to verify claims quickly. There are a number of clearinghouses which means you will need guidance when choosing the right clearinghouse if at all you hope to make the right choice of a clearinghouse.


First, make sure that it is a well-known clearinghouse as opposed to one which no one seems to know much about. When a clearing is well-known, you are sure that they are not fraudsters. In fact, while we are on the issue of a well-known clearinghouse, you also need to ensure that the medical claim clearing company has an excellent reputation because that will show you that they offer quality services because the only way they would have a great reputation is if they are dedicated to quality. Look at the reviews they have before you commit to them. They need to have many positive reviews as a reflection of the good reputation that they have.


You need to look at what payment options the medical claims processing has. There are some that are paid on a regular basis such biannually, quarterly and even monthly while there are those who want payment for every submission you make. As you look at the payment option, ensure that the payment plan that they accept is something that your health provision service can handle.


Look at what their charges are. The rates need to be reasonable within the current market price range. However, remember that a good clearinghouse may charge a little bit more because they have the relevant technology to enable provision of satisfactory service. To gain more knowledge on the importance of medical claims, visit


It is also crucial that the payer is on their billing list. This is because if they have the payer on their billing list it will take a relatively short time for a claim is cleared. The same cannot be said for if the payer was on another clearinghouse's list because that would take a long time since the clearinghouse would have to verify the claim then send it to the clearinghouse that serves the payer. By the time the claim is acted upon, a lot of time would have passed.

These are just a few of the things that can guide you through your selection process of a good claims adjudication.